Jul 28, 2021Liked by Elizabeth Marro

Thanks to you, my husband and I listened to The Lottery reading on our way to Maine last weekend. I hadn't read it since 8th grade, he never had. We were both mesmerized, disturbed, and reminded all over again of the power of a great short story. Thank you, Betsy! (Thanks, too, for sharing my Monarch video with your readers!)

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Jul 24, 2021Liked by Elizabeth Marro

Lottery stories are very intriguing. The Hunger Games starts with a lottery that reminded me of Shirley Jackson’s Lottery. David Baldacci has a book called “The Winner,” that I found fascinating. It’s a rigged lottery, a young woman wins, and it becomes a dangerous affair.

I have let milkweed grow in my yard for the butterflies. I also have a blooming hydrangea bush. How exciting that the Monarchs will also be drawn to that. I’m finding that leaving portions of my yard untouched brings forth many beautiful and interesting surprises. I add “Flight Behavior” to my TBR list! Thanks for your news this month! Mary

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